Aazios Holiday Eggplant Tuesday

We weren't going to leave you hanging for the holiday, but these guys will. 

Gio Stacking Gifts Under The Tree Has Us Distracted

Speaking of stacking, it looks like Gio stacked on about 20lbs worth of muscle.  We're gonna need some extra hands to get him from under the tree.  

Terrell Owens Says You Can't Open His Package Til Christmas

Talk about a yule log I'd like to deck my walls.  What we really wanna know is who is the guy taking the pics?  Terrell Owens is clearly not skipping ab day since retiring because he still looks great. 

T.O.'s 45-years-old now and hasn't played ball in years -- but the guy's obviously been keepin' himself in shape ... check out the pics he posted in front of his Christmas tree!!!

Unclear why Owens felt the need to post the pics ... but the tiny gift-themed shorts and the caption seem to suggest this was T.O.'s present to us all.

V Watson Post A Pic of Him and His Bae From Behind And We're Drooling

Did someone say cake?  We don't know what the purpose of this picture was, making they were looking to get more only fans followers.  There was a rumor that a video of them had leaked and was quickly snatched offline.  We'll keep you posted. 

This Fitness Instructor's Meat Print Has Us Distracted

This is why you have to be suspicious when bae wants to spend extra time in the gym. 

This Picture Of Tyson Beckford In His Boxers Has Us Distracted

Does Tyson even model anymore?  Like when was the last time he was in a major campaign?  Do we care?  Not really.  He mostly just posts half clothed pictures of himself on Instagram.  We are here for it. 

This Pic Of Vinny Watson's Meat Print In See Through Pants Has Us Distracted

You have to know when you post this type of pic that everyone's eyes are going straight down.  

This Guy Nails His Cosplay Of Okoye Using Just Duct Tape

Who says it costs a lot of money to cosplay?  Money didn't stop instagrammer Spitonthemike aka Michael, as he prepared for San Diego Comic Con this year.  Not only did he nail his costume of Okoye from Black Panther, he did it for $30 only using duct tape!  The results were amazing.  In his post Michael writes: 

Ready for Comic Con tomorrow! Look for me as General Okoye from Black Panther. (I made this entirely with duct tape, for less than $30, and in under 2 days - low-key very happy with the results) #wakandaforever

Way to go Michael!

Barbershop Cakes

Just Because: Odell's Abs


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