Actor Brandon Official Has Screenshots Of Former NFL Player Thaddeus Coleman Sliding In His DM's

Whenever we get a tip we investigate and pass it along to let the people decide.  This looks pretty legit though.  Brandon emailed us the pics and this short caption:

Professional Football player Thaddeus Coleman of the NY Jets & Arizona Cardinals who currently plays professional football in Canada slide in the my DM’s on IG Commpliementing me on my nude booty pics and we also talked about him flying me out to Canada and Chicago where he is from on his on and off season.

See the screenshots below:

Trans Boxer Patricio Manuel Makes History By Winning Debut Boxing Match

Trans boxer Patricio Manuel made history last night with a unanimous decision victory on his professional boxing debut - but was booed by some members of the crowd.

Manuel, 34, who started transitioning in 2013, received jeers after beating super-featherweight Hugo Aguilar.

Manuel is the first transgender male to fight professionally in the United States.

He started fighting as a female and boxed in the 2012 Olympic trials for the US but a shoulder injury cut short dreams of making it over to the London Games.

New Documentary Follows Trans Men As They Prep For A Body Building Competition

From surgeries and T parties to the struggles and joys of transitioning, follow four men as they prepare for Trans FitCon, the only bodybuilding competition exclusively for trans men. Glimpse the intimate relationships between these men and their partners, family, and children as they train throughout the year. This powerful documentary culminates in a triumphant gesture of acceptance and an understanding of the shared struggles among them as they take the stage and embody their true selves.

Directed by T Cooper

4 Highschool Football Players Arrested For Raping Teammate With Broomstick

Four suspects charged in an alleged locker room sexual assault at Damascus High School were released on bond Monday.

A bond hearing was held for four of the five players who were being charged as adults.

Jean Claude Abedi, Kristian Jamal Lee, Will Daniel Smith, Caleb Thorpe face charges including first-degree rape in the alleged Halloween locker room attack against their own teammates on the Damascus JV football team.

Back In October Dwight Howard Suffered A "Butt" Injury He Mistook For Back Pain

Washington Wizards center Dwight Howard got some mixed news on the injury that has kept him out during the preseason.  It all kind of makes more since now, knowing that he's a bottom, but hey, it happens.  Good news is, the issue isn’t serious. On the other, it’s definitely more embarrassing.

Turns out, Howard wasn’t dealing with back soreness after all. It was actually his butt that was the source of his discomfort, according to Shams Charania.

Former Dallas Cowboy To Marry Boyfriend On Sunday

Jeff Rohrer, a former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, came out as gay Wednesday in an interview in The New York Times.

“I’ve given at least five people heart attacks with this news,” he told the paper. “But for the most part, many of my closest friends, including some of my former teammates with the Cowboys, could not have been more happy and supportive.”

Brother of Aaron Hernandez Reveals NFL Star Was Struggling With His Sexuality

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sexually abused when he was a child, his brother told CBS station WBZ-TV. Jonathan Hernandez also told the station that his father would beat him and his brother and that Aaron Hernandez was gay.

The former NFL star died by suicide in a Massachusetts prison in 2017. The 27-year-old was serving a life sentence for the 2013 murder of semi-pro linebacker Odin Lloyd.

When Aaron Hernandez was 6 years old, he was sexually abused by an older boy, Jonathan Hernandez told WBZ-TV. Aaron Hernandez didn't report the abuse.

Former Highschool Classmate Says He and Aaron Hernandez Had A Sexual Relationship

The first installment of a six-part investigative series by The Boston Globe claims former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sexually molested as a boy. The newspaper’s acclaimed “Spotlight” investigative team researched Hernandez’s life from birth until he killed himself in prison.

Tadd Fujikawa Becomes First Pro Golfer To Come Out "So...I'm Gay"

Tadd Fujikawa has opened up about his sexuality.

The professional golfer from Hawaii revealed in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday — the same day as World Suicide Prevention Day — that he is gay. In doing so, Fujikawa encouraged his fans to practice more empathy towards one another and made a promise to continue fighting for equality for the LGBTQ community.

“Coincidentally, today is world suicide prevention day,” the 27-year-old golfer began the post. “However, I was going to share this regardless. So…I’m gay. Many of you may have already known that.”

Aaron Hernandez's Lawyer Says He Confessed To Being Gay Before Killing Himself

A NEW book written by former NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s lawyer says he burst in to tears two days before he killed himself and confessed that he had homosexual relationships.

Jose Baez writes in his book Unnecessary Roughness that prosecutors in the former football player’s double murder trial were planning to question his fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins, about his affairs - one with a woman and one with another man.

The Boston Globe reports that Mr Baez says when he informed Hernandez of the prosecution tactic to shock Ms Jenkins into turning on her fiance, he broke down.


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