Facebook Bans Users For Using "Top" and "Bottom" To Discourage Hookups

Facebook has banned people from saying if they’re a top or bottom, with the new community standards preventing the discussion of “sexual positions.”

The social media giant rolled out a new content policy in October putting in place tough new rules on what the site describes as “sexual solicitation.”

The policy seeks to tackle content that “facilitates, encourages or coordinates sexual encounters between adults” and bars “sexually explicit language that may lead to solicitation.”

PETA Says Phrases Like "Bring Home The Bacon" Are Similar To Homophobia and Racism

Um no.  No No No.  Meat-based idioms, like "flogging a dead horse" or "taking the bull by the horns," can be compared with homophobic and racist language, according to animal rights organization PETA.

"Just as it became unacceptable to use racist, homophobic, or ableist language, phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish as more people begin to appreciate animals for who they are and start 'bringing home the bagels' instead of the bacon," PETA said on Twitter.

South Carolina Woman Shoots and Kills Prison Escapee Who Kicked In Her Door

An inmate who had escaped minutes earlier from a county jail in South Carolina was shot and killed by a woman after he kicked in her backdoor, the local sheriff said.

The inmate was still in his orange jail jumpsuit and had grabbed a knife sharpening tool from the woman's kitchen in Pickens as he headed toward her bedroom around 3 a.m. Tuesday, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said.

"This was a big guy. If she hadn't had a weapon there's no telling what would have happened," Clark said. "I gave her a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her."

DC Clerk Refuses To Perform Marriage Because of "Foreign Country" ID From New Mexico

LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) — A District of Columbia clerk and a supervisor refused to accept a New Mexico man’s state driver’s license as he sought a marriage license because she and her supervisor believed New Mexico was a foreign country.

Gavin Clarkson told the Las Cruces Sun-News it happened Nov. 20 at the District of Columbia Courts Marriage Bureau as he tried to apply for a marriage license.

After approaching the clerk for a license and showing his New Mexico ID, Clarkson said the clerk told him he needed an international passport to get the marriage license.

Pilot Uses Grindr To Hit On Passenger During Flight

A passenger onboard a Delta plane was creeped out after a pilot messaged him on Grindr during their flight.

JP Thorn, a 27-year-old college student, told The Post that the strange interaction happened while he was flying from Saint Paul, Minnesota, to Chicago in August. When his flight landed, his cellular service returned and he noticed a new notification on the gay dating app.

“I see you’re on my flight,” the message read. “Enjoy the ride to Chicago.”

Charlamagne Says He Will Suck Tekashi 6ix9ine's D*ck If He Beats His Case

They can have each other.  Charlamagne is always saying suspect stuff and this is no different.  I don't know of too many straight guys that would even joke about sucking another mans junk but stranger things have happened. 

People Are Threatening To Out OnlyFans/Connectpal Content Creators To The IRS With #ThotAudit

Via Vice:

Misogynists online are threatening to send the Internal Revenue Service after sex workers, in a viral harassment campaign known as #thotaudit.

Many sex workers have “premium” Snapchat accounts, where they share exclusive photos and videos with people who send them money (usually through PayPal, Venmo, or a cryptocurrency.) Unless reported as income to the IRS, this income is off the books. Recently, trolls have begun harassing sex workers by saying they're going to report them to the IRS, and many sex workers are worried that they'll be audited.

Buddist Monk Found At Gay Orgy With Bottle of Holy Water Filled With Lube

He was there to lay hands, just not in the places for prayer. A LEAKED sex tape shows a prominent Buddhist monk taking part in a drug-fuelled gay orgy at a temple in Taiwan.

Kai Hung, who has been filmed in three explicit clips taking drugs and having sex with different men, was arrested during a police raid on Chongfo Temple.

Kai Hung, 29, is recorded saying "do you want more", "I love my husband" and "my husband is super amazing" in one of the clips released by a local news outlet.

Video Game Lets Player Kill Jews, Minorities and LGBT People To Save Donald Trump

hristopher Cantwell, the white supremacist infamous for his role in last year's far-right rally in Charlottesville, is one of the key promoters of a Neo-Nazi video game that allows users to slaughter gay men, Jews, other minorities and journalists.

Angry Goy II, available to download on the website for Cantwell's Radical Agenda podcast, allows users to play as Cantwell or fellow alt-right figurehead Richard Spencer in order to save President Donald Trump, who has been kidnapped by “left-wing terrorists.”

Pastor Antonio Rocquemore Under Fire For Telling Gay Parishioner To "Go Home And Put On Man Clothes"

So the next time your gay friend/child/cousin/aunt/uncle declines your invitation to church, you'll know why.  Its things like this that kept and keep me from entering anyone's church.

Video Credit: Larry Reid Live

Chicago pastor Antonio Rocquemore asked Antwan Haywood to go home and put on man clothes.  What would you do? 


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